Julian Cole "IN MEMORIAM"

09.07.1926  -  02.03.2016    JULIAN COLE...an amazing life

Julian Cole professed that "he must chase the muse. So much to do, so little time."  He obtained a Masters Degree in Architecture, however, he was always fascinated with art, music, sculpture and photography. Having a keen interest in photography, he turned professional and opened a successful studio.

After several years, he was asked to join the space program as Master Scientific Photographer of N.A.S.A. His next move was to Teledyne Corp., a contractor for N.A.S.A., as Department head of the Presentations Department which included artists, writers, model makers, photographers, cinematographers and a full blown printing department. All this had to be "in house" because of "top secret" work.  After the space program wound down, he worked at an ad advertising agency, as creative director, moving on to a motion picture studio in Phoenix, Arizona as Film Director, Cinematographer, Film Editor and Music Editor.  Moving to Atlanta, he worked for Storer Studios as Producer, Writer, Cinematographer and Director.  Opening his own production company in Nashville, he produced films for many national advertising agencies, National Geographic, B.B.C., French and Italian Television, including Cinematography for the feature film, "THE DISK JOCKEY".  He was a founding member of the Tennessee Film Commission, producing films for the state of Tennessee, for the City of Nashville, and many commercials, one of which might be reconginized by people in the state, "Tennessee Trash".  He has several hundred awards to his credit, including International, National, Regional and local, garnering several 'BEST OF SHOW".  Retiring from all that, after a short time said, "to heck with this", but with the encouragement of his daughters, started creating images as,

                                                                                                                     Julian Cole/Contemporary Art

In his extensive travels over the years, he had stored images and ideas in his mind, which are now being committed to canvas.  Julian is executed a collection of Fine Art Originals, using archival pigmented ink on canvas, and Limited Edition works on canvas.  Some are realistic, some are impressionistic...all are unique.