Rafael Garzón Art Collection

Rafael Garzón                                

Villanueva, Sevilla 1972.

He is a painter who has gone through different stages, and likes to be called  plastic artist for his skill in using the spatula and thats the way he paints.

Throughout his professional career he has gone through periods of research and continuous search, to strengthen his technique today by finding a personal style with his own identity, but without abandoning the chromaticism and fluency that characterizes his painting.

Its style could be said, that a principle, is framed within the material movement and impression, with tendencies within the urban art. This stage led him to investigate with textures and materials that intend to give a third dimension to his work, in order to obtain a singular aesthetic interpretation.

But as for many other painters of his time, research becomes unstoppable and uncontrollable, getting to the point that technique wants to take the place of creativity.

Fortunately, however, this transitional period is part of our author's past. So today our plastic artist shows us a new and mature work full of creativity, but without leaving that line, with which he feels so comfortable, urban art and landscape.

The light occupies an important place in the painting of Rafael Garzón, allowing to see in his work the places and landscapes known by all, but that somehow happen to have a different atmosphere, within the magical vision of the author and that at the same time are perceived by the observer as new or unique places.

The handling of the spatula and the ease of this tool, also gives the work of this young artist a unique way of filling layers, which makes both his painting is fresh and distinct.

In this retrospective exhibition we can clearly appreciate the different stages of his career. Where in the last works the transparencies and the reflections are more appreciated, unlike its railway collection where the opaque colors take play and creates an atmosphere of solitude and compromise.

Undoubtedly we can say that Rafael Garzón is a painter who goes along the path of his postulation with a firm step and the search for his recognition and creative identity as a painter of our time.

Manny Rocca / Photojournalist.