Tips and Tricks (no ghosts or goblins) for Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry

Polish it:
Typically when it comes to polishing sterling silver jewelry people think of dips or polishing cloths, but did you know that you can polish sterling with toothpaste? That's right, you can. All you need is a little toothpaste, your fingers and some water. It's the perfect quick fix when you are heading out the door and realize that your earrings are looking a little drab. Instead of putting them back in the jewerly box simply rub a small amount of toothpaste on them for a few seconds and rinse. It really is that simple. This is also fantastic while traveling. Forget your polishing cloth? No prob, grab the toothpaste. Forget the toothpaste? No prob, call the front desk. I dare you to try it. It really does work.

Keep it clean:
You may have heard of storing your sterling in sealed plastic bags to slow the tarnishing process. You may have even been sold anti tarnishing paper strips to add to the bag. Plastic bags work to slow it down. I'm not sure on the tarnishing strips as I have never used them. However, a great little trick is to put a few grains of rice in the bag with your jewelry. The bag protects it from the air and the rice takes the moisture out of the bag that's trapped inside when you close the bag.

Simple and inexpensive ways for keeping your sterling clean. Now go ahead and get the toothpaste, I know you want to!