▪️ How long have you been designing jewelry and what inspired you to start?

      I come from a family of silversmiths so it is difficult for me to say exactly how long I've been designing and creating jewelry.  My very first piece was at the age of six when my parents gave me some scrap pieces to play with. Lets just say that piece was a really rough draft for what was to come.

     I consider  my college years to be the start of where my creativity began to change and evolve which was, shhhhhh, 15 years ago.

     My parents were my total and absolute inspiration!

▪️How would you describe your style?

     Free spirited and fun while being wearable and comfortable.

▪️What is the best advice you have ever given and received?

     I'll answer this one with a quote that I strive to live by.

     "Question everything you (I) know" Des Cartes

▪️What do you like to do on your days off?

     I love being outside and in the sunshine.  I've recently started to turn by black thumb into a green thumb and am finding that I really enjoy gardening.  I love our dogs and taking hikes and snuggling with them.  I love watching our ducks on the pond.  I call it "duck therapy".  It is impossible to be in a bad mood while watching them play in the water.  And last but not least, I really enjoy kayaking.  Oh wait, and relaxing of course.  Sometimes just a nice quiet weekend on the couch is great too.