Interview with Marc Anderson, artist

▪️How would you describe your style?

     My style is somewhat dictated by my subject matter.  In the last year or two I've been venturing into Plein Air painting which, for me, has meant a more impressionistic, painterly approach.  I also have a running series of caricatured birds that I paint in watercolor.  The translucent quality of the medium lends itself very well to a more whimsical style.  I find switching between these genres and styles to be both challenging and enlightening, in the same way that a weight trainer switches up their lifting regiment in order to achieve maximum gains.  

▪️How long have you been painting and what inspired you to start?

     I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.  I always knew I would do something in an art related field, but it wasn't until college and I saw real, practicing artists, that being a fine artist became tenable.

▪️What artist(s) most inspire you?

     I started my exaggerated bird series as a side project.  Really it was just something to keep me playing around with watercolors.  Once I had ten or so paintings, I considered writing a fictitious humorous bird field guide. Though my progress on that project has slowed, lately, I hope to finish it a some point.  I never have a problem finding projects that I'm passionate about.  It's more a matter of finding the time to give each project the hours it deserves.

▪️What is the best advice you have ever given?

     Like I said, I have no problem finding projects that I'm passionate about.  I often have several small woodworking projects going.  Sometimes if I get restless I find it very relaxing to clean and reorganize my studio.  But, for pure relaxation, I like to get outside.  Maybe some fishing, camping or hiking. 

▪️What is your vision for your future in art?

    With every step of my career since college, I've been moving away from commercial art (illustration, design, etc.) and closer to fine art.  It's been a slow progression.  It may seem like an obvious statement, but I find I'm much happier with my work when one of my side passion projects becomes my main focus.  Making those side  projects financially viable can be a challenge, but it seems that the more passionate I am in a project, the more successful it is, both financially and creatively.