An interview with Jacquelyn Smith Windbigler

▪️How would describe your style?

    I think my style leans toward "realism" where the detail "is" the inspiration of the piece.

▪️How long have you been painting and what inspired you to start?

    Since I was a child, art was of great interest to me.  Pencil sketch and the detail it could provide was very satisfying.

▪️What artist(s) most inspired you?

     I would have to say the Renaissance artists were a tremendous inspiration to me as I would study the compositions, including the architecture.  The study of storytelling was the art.  And now inspiration comes from everywhere it seems.

▪️What is your dream project?

     Because Archeology is at the core of my being I imagine a dream project would include some of what is, and it's interpretation timeless.  And Big! where lots of happiness comes to gather, especially the children. ~  Especially the children.  

▪️What is the best advice you have ever given?

     Usually we are asked, "What is the best advice we have ever been given?" and we might come up with an answer for that.  However, I am unaware of the best advice I have ever given.  But, I would like to think "Be Courageous" is a familiar one. Design doesn't come easy for everyone, and I suppose courage doesn't either.  "Inspiration is Free", another familiar one.  So not only are we advising others, from time to  time...this artist does some talking to herself.

▪️What do you like to do on your days off?

    On days off, I enjoy road trips with my family (my peeps) where Inspiration for more Design is sure to be found.  We take our cameras, extra of everything and never return disappointed.

 ▪️What is your vision for your future in art?

     Well, I suppose an on going expansion of self will be interesting, to say the least.  I look forward to more travel and rendezvous with fellow soul-journors partaking in the Joys of believing that Life can be fun and Creative!  I'll never create a masterpiece in this lifetime.  However, there is a satisfaction in the daily demonstrations of design we are actively participating in with people and where we spend our time.  We are all designing something, staring with ourselves.  As for me I envision my future~with great anticipation and appreciation! because I am-couragious - And - inspiration is Free!