An Interview with Priscilla Eichler, Nashville, artist...

▪️How would you describe your style?

     Fairly loose, somewhat impressionistic.  I want the style to fit the subject matter.

▪️How long have you been painting and what inspired you to start?

    I started painting when I a child was but learned what I was doing when I studying art in college under a wonderful artist who is now world renown, Al Pounders.

▪️What artist(s) most inspire you?

     I have always loved Renoir and Monet.  Sargent is also one of my favorites and has inspired me when I have felt like giving up.

▪️What is your dream project?

     My dream project is to paint many of the Nashville landmarks.  I was born here and love this city.  I would like to do what I can to put it on canvas in a memorable way.

▪️What is the best advice you have ever given?

     Fill the canvas first! Don"t be afraid of color!  Feel it!  Do it!  Don't paint with with mud!

▪️What do you like to do on your days off?

     Paint, paint, paint!